Bullied Boy With Long Hair Reveals 18-Month-Long Secret To Donate Locks

Bullied Boy With Long Hair Reveals 18-Month-Long Secret To Donate Locks

This bullied boy with long hair was keeping a sweet secret and it’s touching everyone’s heart.

For months, 9-year-old Kit Porritt refused to cut his hair. Even his mother had no idea why the young boy did not want to trim his locks.

His long, blonde hair led to many questionable stares with some people even thinking that Kit was a girl. In fact, at one point, a modeling agency approached Kit when they were looking for fresh, new girl faces.

The young boy became the target of bullies in the schoolyard but the entire time, he stood firm and let his hair continue to grow. Finally, 18 months later, Kit revealed that he had made a secret pledge to help The Little Princess Trust.

This incredible organization makes wigs for children that have underwent cancer treatment. They rely on the donations of real hair to fashion the wigs. For a year and a half, Kit had been growing his hair so that he would qualify to donate.

This incredible moment at the salon shows Kit sitting in the stylist’s chair as she starts to cut away his long locks. With a huge smile on his face, Kit watches as she takes inches off of his blonde hair.

After his story was posted online, it quickly went viral. Many were touched by the young boy’s selfless heart and his amazing strength and determination.

Despite the obstacles, Kit made a vowel to himself and was able to donate to The Little Princess Trust. What an inspiring boy!