'It Is Finished' Passion Acoustic Featuring Melodie Malone

'It Is Finished' Passion Acoustic Featuring Melodie Malone

The acoustic version of ‘It Is Finished’ by Passion featuring Melodie Malone was recently released. It is truly an amazing song with every line worth listening to.

“The cross is my beginning
The line drawn in the sand
The end of all my striving
Now I am born again

There Jesus was forsaken
So I will never be
His grace is my salvation
The gift of God
The work of Calvary”

The first two verses of ‘It Is Finished’ are a beautiful and powerful reminder of all that was done on the cross. Because of Jesus and his sacrifice, we are set free. Free from striving, free from shame, free from sin. It is finished!

The bridge of the song is also incredible and hearing the pure, soulful voice of Melodie Malone sing it out will give you goosebumps.

“Over every circumstance
His word stands final and forever
It will not be shaken
He alone has won it all”

The song ‘It Is Finished’ is from the album Follow You Anywhere by Passion. It was released earlier this year during the sold-out Passion 2019 conference, where 40,000 young adults from across the world gathered in Atlanta, Dallas, and Washington, D.C. to worship our great God together.

Kristian Stanfill, who was one of the writers of ‘It Is Finished’ and was at the Passion 2019 conference when it was released, says that a lot of hard work went into writing the songs for this album over the last year.

“To now lead these songs at Passion 2019 and see a real love and devotion to Jesus come to life in these students is a beautiful thing,” says Kristian. “It’s why we do this. It’s why we write these songs. We believe that God is calling us to join him in the story he is telling in this moment and in this generation.”

As you listen to this song today, remember the gift of the cross. Because of Jesus, it is finished and we are set free!

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