90-Year-Old Meets Her Daughter For The First Time

90-Year-Old Meets Her Daughter For The First Time

It was a heartwarming moment captured on camera when this 90-year-old meets her daughter for the very first time.

Elizabeth Pullen gave her baby girl up for adoption in the 1940s. During that time period, birth mothers were forbidden from seeing their babies, so Elizabeth never even saw her child. Fast forward seven decades and Elizabeth’s granddaughter received a DNA testing kit as a gift.

When Wanda LeBlanc received her results, she was surprised to find her closest match was a woman named Lynne Wray in North Carolina. Wanda soon found out that Lynne was adopted and looking for any information on her birth parents. That’s when Wanda spoke with her grandmother and discovered the connection. After speaking on the phone, a special reunion was set up for this long-lost mother and daughter.

The tear-filled moment was all captured on camera. Elizabeth said, "It was just beautiful. It was beautiful. It was just a blessing. She and I had been looking for each other for years and years.”

Being in her nineties, Elizabeth is not in the best of health. There have been moments recently where she questioned why God was keeping her on this Earth, but know she knows exactly why. “We never gave up. When you give a gift, you know someday it's going to return. I knew I'd find her. I knew that was in God's plan.

I knew that I would see her someday." I’m so glad that these two were able to find each other after all of these years. There is truly nothing like the love from our family.