Great-Grandma Reunites With Her Long-Lost Brother

Great-Grandma Reunites With Her Long-Lost Brother

This great-grandma is meeting her long-lost brother for the first time in decades and it’s a moment that you don’t want to miss. Betty was one of fourteen children.

When she was just a baby, she developed polio. After that, Betty was placed in foster care and lost touch with most of her siblings. Now, only Betty and her younger brother remain from the original fourteen.

As she got older, she continued to think about her sibling and mentioned this to her great-granddaughter. “Maybe we ought to find him and, you know, just talk to him and let him know that he has a sister.” Brianna is best friends with her great-grandma, so she immediately starting trying to locate the long-lost brother.

She knew just how much this would mean to Betty, so she reached out to a community on social media and tried to gather any information she could. That’s when the post went completely viral and Brianna received the contact information for Betty’s brother.

They set up a breakfast date and Betty was filled with excitement. And when he walked through the door, the tears were flowing. Betty finally got to hug her little brother in a sweet moment that was all captured on camera.

This was a reunion that was decades in the making and it all came true thanks to one amazing great-granddaughter. Brianna cherishes each moment with Betty and has learned that it’s so important to take time and be with the ones that you love.

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