Shy Teen Overcomes Nerves For Speed Painting Talent Show Audition

Shy Teen Overcomes Nerves For Speed Painting Talent Show Audition

This young girl overcame her nerves to seriously impress with her speed painting talent show performance.

When you are a teenager, standing up in front of your peers can be a daunting challenge. But sometimes, there is a passion in your heart that has a desire to be shared with the world. That’s exactly what happened with this young girl and her recent talent show audition.

The video starts out by noting that this teen is very shy. However, when it was time for her school’s talent show, she came to her mother and said she wanted to try out for the show.

This 14-year-old has a hidden talent for art and she wanted to showcase that in a unique way. For weeks, she practiced her performance until she was confident and ready for the day of the auditions. Just watch as the young girl stands in front of the judges with a blank, black canvas. She starts to use white paint to create a design.

For a while, we’re not quite sure what she is painting, but the teen continues to meticulously add white details along the canvas. There is no moment of hesitation as she swiftly completes her drawing. Finally, the girl puts down her brush and flips the canvas upside down. That’s when the truly nature of the design is revealed. This was definitely an incredible speed painting and I’m so glad that this young girl was able to find the confidence to share her hidden talents with the world.

Speed Painting Talent Show Audition

She tried out for her school talent show with this unique and entertaining act... in the end everyone was shocked!

Posted by I Wash... You Dry on Wednesday, May 8, 2019