'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' Delirious And Hillsong Worship

'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' Delirious And Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship and Delirious sing ‘I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever’ during a Hillsong conference. Even though this video was recorded during a conference back in 2003, the powerful lyrics from this song are still impacting believers today.

“Over the mountains and the sea,
Your river runs with love for me,
And I will open up my heart
And let the healer set me free.
I'm happy to be in the truth,
And I will daily lift my hands:
For I will always sing of when
Your love came down.”

People from all different backgrounds, young and old alike, are praising His name in this video. It’s a beautiful sight to see. They are all singing out the words to ‘I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever’ and praising God with all they have. It’s powerful to hear that many voices worshipping together, and when the crowd sings out the lyrics a cappella, you really feel His presence in that arena.

At the end of the song, the lead singer starts spontaneously praising God with the line “Holy is the Lord.” Everyone joins her in song, giving God all the praise and glory as they lift their voices in unison.

The song ‘I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever’ was written by Martin Smith and was first released in 1995 by the Christian band Delirious. Since then, the song has been covered multiple times with variations in style and performance. Most notable covers have come from Switchfoot, tobyMac, as well as Justin Bieber, who covered the song during a live feed on his Instagram account.

It’s clear to see that this classic worship song will always be relevant when it comes to encouraging the body of Christ. There is a power and beauty behind the lyrics of the song that will always remind us of how amazing it is to know God’s love.