Pit Bull Gives His Life To Save Boy From A Deadly Snake

Pit Bull Gives His Life To Save Boy From A Deadly Snake

One family is mourning the loss of their beloved pit bull after he gave his life to save a young boy. God truly knew what He was doing when He placed dogs on this earth.

These furry friends that ultimately become our pets definitely hold a very special place in our hearts. They become a part of our family and it’s always a heartwarming relationship to witness.

Dogs are known for being loyal and giving us unconditional love. And sometimes, that love goes beyond anything we could ever imagine.

Georgina Richardson recalled the moment that her 8-month-old dog, Zeus, made a courageous sacrifice. 10-year-old Oriley was playing outside of his house while Zeus watched over him.

That’s when Zeus leapt into action and jumped in front of Oriley. The boy thought that the dog was just playing with a rope on the ground, but when Zeus rolled over, the scary truth was revealed. "Zeus just started to roll over and as he rolled over I could see that the snake was dead."

Zeus had wrestled with, and killed, a deadly coral snake. Next to the black mamba, this is the most venomous snake on earth. During the scuffle, Zeus was bitten multiple times.

Georgina loaded Zeus into the car and rushed to find a veterinary hospital that could help save this heroic dog. Sadly, Zeus passed away from his injuries but Oriley remained unharmed.

Georgina commented on Zeus’ ultimate sacrifice saying, "Had it not been for him, my son might not be here right now.”