Abandoned Pitbull Chained To Tree Gets Beautiful Rescue

Abandoned Pitbull Chained To Tree Gets Beautiful Rescue

In a heartbreaking video, a sweet Pitbull was abandoned with her neck tightly chained to a tree. Thankfully, the dog was rescued by a caring individual and was able to get the care that she needed.

The Pitbull was found outside of an abandoned house in Fulton County, Georgia. The man who found her, Jason Flatt, was able to locate her from her yelps and cries. She was clearly in distress and calling out to be saved.

“Poor baby. You poor thing,” Jason says as he’s petting the dog and trying to comfort her. He is able to give her some food to eat while he puts a leash around her neck. Then, with the help of some bolt cutters, he breaks the chains off the dog’s neck and sets her free from the tree.

“Let’s go get you some help, baby,” says Jason as he is walking the dog to his car. The Pitbull appears to be very skinny and malnourished after she gets rescued, which makes you wonder how long this sweet dog was stranded out there with no way to get help. She must have been so relieved and thankful once she got rescued!

“We took her right to the vet’s office. She really needed to be scrubbed out. And she was just seeking attention,” explains Jason. “She walks into the vet’s office – she’s licking people’s faces and wagging her tail. It’s like she just knew, ‘I’m ok now, I’m with good people.’”

After being cleaned up and nourished back to health, the dog was placed into a foster home and was adopted shortly after. She was able to find a new, loving family to be a part of where she could feel safe and secure.

Her new owners describe her as a quiet, mellow, and kind dog.

“She’s just a good girl all the way around,” explains her new owner. “When I look at that video of her, I see a dog that was broken spiritually, physically, and mentally. She’s not that dog anymore. She’s not broken anymore!”

Such a wonderful story of a beautiful rescue and new home for a well-deserving pup!

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Posted by Pittie Nation on Monday, July 1, 2019

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