Aerial Hoop Dancer Matthew Richardson Honors Late Father With Audition

Aerial Hoop Dancer Matthew Richardson Honors Late Father With Audition

Aerial hoop performer Matthew Richardson honors his father with an incredible routine during the Judge’s Cuts of America’s Got Talent.

When we first met Matthew, he blew the judges away with his difficult and awe-inspiring hoop routine. He easily earned four ‘yes’ votes to move on to the next round of competition.

Now, Matthew is back with another performance, but this one is much more personal than his last. The talented artist is dedicating this routine to his late father who passed away after a battle with cancer.

It was a moment that shook Matthew to his core. “I had a dream about my dad. I had a dream about losing him. It was a little too intense. I felt like I should check on him. I came home and they just told me that he had pancreatic cancer.”

A month later, Matthew’s father died. Tonight’s performance includes emotional elements such as audio clips of his father’s voice. “I just wanted to create something beautiful for him. My dad was my biggest fan.”

One movement after another, we are touched by this honest display of love and emotion. After the performance, judge Simon Cowell said, “I lost my mum and dad but after a while, I still talk to them everyday. If I have a problem in my mind, what would they say? So the fact that you were able to do that…I’m looking at your mum…that was very special.”

Even though Matthew did not move on to the live shows, this incredible performance moved the entire arena. What a true gift!