Choir Performs Gospel Song On The Street During NYC Power Outage

Choir Performs Gospel Song On The Street During NYC Power Outage

One choir didn’t let the recent NYC power outage stop them from delivering their inspiring message.

The outage caused a widespread blackout across Manhattan. The subway was brought to a halt and many people’s lives were disrupted.

The Millennial Choirs and Orchestra was all set to perform at the famed Carnegie Hall that evening, but the loss of power caused the show to be canceled. That’s when the choir decided to put on their show for the entire city, instead of just one venue.

The group made the following post of Facebook, “As you may have heard, we were not able to perform our final concert at Carnegie Hall this evening due to a widespread blackout that affected a large part of Manhattan for several hours. But in true MCO fashion, we made the best of the unfortunate situation and performed some of our pieces outside for passersby to enjoy during the stressful time. This is Brandon Stewart's arrangement of "I Stand All Amazed.””

On the streets of New York, this incredible choir belted out the words of ‘I Stand All Amazed.’ Once the video was posted online, it quickly went viral.

The gospel song ended up reached millions of ears all over the world. After the incredible response, the choir said, “Although we regret that many of our participants and audience members missed out on performing and seeing us on the world-renowned Carnegie stage this evening, we feel blessed to have been able to touch many more hearts in an unexpected way from the street of beautiful New York City.”

What an incredible way of turning an unfortunate situation into an amazing opportunity of fellowship.

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