You're Safer Than I Am...

The first quarter of each new year has become a time of remembrance for me. Dad passed into the presence of the LORD on March 29, 2002 (Good Friday...THAT year.) Then, early in February the next year my wife, Angela, and I got one of the biggest scares of our life less than a month after one of the most miraculous events of our lives together.

About five months into our seventeenth year, we found out that we were pregnant. Then, the first Monday of the following month, my wife's blood-curdling screams woke me to the apparent reality that we had lost the baby.

Later, that same morning, a sonogram revealed a heartbeat that left my heart with mixed emotions. "Alright, Thank the LORD...we are still pregnant, but what about the something/someone my wife appeared to deliver earlier? Was a baby presented in the courts of Heaven today?"

A few week's later, we received the report that it was merely a mass of tissue. Ooooooo-kay, but isn't THAT the same thing that abortion advocates try to tell us about abortions?

Bottom Line: I am not convinced to this day that I don't have another daughter or maybe a son to meet when I arrive in Heaven. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but knowing the goodness of the LORD (the way that I have come to know it), and remembering how consistently that my dad prayed for me to have a child, I suspect that the LORD answered Dad's prayer in a unique way...He must have given Dad the grandchild of Stan's that he always wanted to see, and gave me one to rear...

It's just a theory, but one Day I will know if I am right or wrong! :)

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