Rise Up Children's Choir Sings 'Speechless' From Disney's Aladdin

Rise Up Children's Choir Sings 'Speechless' From Disney's Aladdin

The Rise Up Children’s Choir performs a breathtaking cover of ‘Speechless’ from Aladdin.

In 2019, Walt Disney released a live-action remake of the beloved animated film. Like any Disney movie, this one is packed with big names, such as Will Smith as The Genie.

The songs that made this movie so popular were also updated and the entire production was full of elaborate set pieces and dazzling scenery. The film also featured a brand new song from Naomi Scott who portrayed Jasmine in the movie. ‘Speechless’ is a powerful ballad all about speaking up and not being silenced.

“But I can't cry
And I can't start to crumble
Whenever they try
To shut me or cut me down
I can't stay silent
Though they wanna keep me quiet
And I tremble when they try it
All I know is I won't go speechless”

Today, the talented voices of the Rise Up Children’s Choir are covering this special song. The choir is open to kids age 6 through 18 and they perform songs from every genre of music.

On their website, the mission statement is described. “Every child is born with talents and passions. Rise Up Children’s Choir is a place where young performers are encouraged to pursue their passions and celebrate life through creative expression and personal discovery, both as members of the choir and in their daily lives.”

Set to a jaw-dropping backdrop, this rendition of ‘Speechless’ will truly leave you in awe. It’s so amazing to see so many young vocalists come together and combine their incredible voices for this performance.