'Made Of Stone' GENTRI Performs Patriotic Anthem For Independence Day

'Made Of Stone' GENTRI Performs Patriotic Anthem For Independence Day

The talented men of GENTRI release a patriotic anthem in honor of Independence Day titled ‘Made Of Stone.’

As the 4th of July draws near, we are reminded of the freedom that was fought so tirelessly to achieve. GENTRI wrote on their Facebook page, “Nearly 250 years ago, colonists pledged their loyalty to an unborn nation; a land founded upon one of the most priceless virtues known to mankind - FREEDOM. This independence day we celebrate the courage and fortitude of our forefathers who believed that all men are created equal with unalienable rights.”

Following this description was the epic video for ‘Made Of Stone.’

“Our battle cry, we make it known
We’ll take it all, like we’re made of stone”

This incredible song shares the courage and bravery from all of the men and women who helped liberate the United States. Because of their sacrifices, we are able to continue as a sovereign nation.

“With fire raining down
We stand in our ground
just like we’re made of stone
We brace for the blows
With courage we hold
just like we’re made of stone”

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how difficult it was to stand where we are today. Thousands of lives came together for a common goal and their determined paved the way for our great nation.

Let us always remember these incredible men and women. The men of GENTRI do a beautiful job of honoring our forefathers with ‘Made Of Stone.’ This Independence Day, truly let these words sink in.

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