97-Year-Old Grocery Bagboy Shares Inspirational Work Ethic

97-Year-Old Grocery Bagboy Shares Inspirational Work Ethic

97-year-old bagboy Benny Ficeto isn’t letting something like age damper his incredible work ethic.

This elderly man from Perth Amboy, New Jersey started working as a shoe shiner when he was just seven. From there, he became a barber before enlisting in the military.

Benny fought with the Army Air Force during World War II and eventually ‘retired’ as a warehouse supervisor for a cosmetics company. But this determined man wasn’t about to sit still.

Since that moment, Benny has continued to work various jobs to keep busy. Currently, he is a bagboy two days a week at the Stop & Shop in his town. He works for a total of four hours each day and never takes a break.

When pressed on the subject, Benny has some strong feelings. "I don't want to stop. Don't tell me how to work. See the light on, that's where I'm going."

For Benny, a hard day’s work isn’t about the money. It’s about finding a purpose and putting your all into everything that you do. He said, "I get a feeling that I did something good. You can't just stand around, like an idiot. You have to have a reason to keep alive."

Benny even went on to say that he only gets to work four hours a day, so he wants to make the most of every minute. And the customers are more than happy to come through this senior citizen’s line.

Benny is truly an example of how age doesn’t have to slow you down.