'Split The Sea' Hannah Kerr Official Video

'Split The Sea' Hannah Kerr Official Video

Contemporary Christian artist Hannah Kerr performs a special rendition of her single, ‘Split The Sea.’

These beautiful words remind us that God is always looking out for us each step of the way. He stands beside us through it all and, through Him, all things are possible.

“I believe
Every promise that You've spoken
I believe
You are faithful every moment
It may look impossible
But You're the God of miracles
You have always made a way for me
You can still split the sea”

22-year-old Hannah Kerr is a rising Christian artist. Her heart for the Lord is apparent in every single song, especially ‘Split The Sea.’ Today’s rendition is a special arrangement from David Hamilton.

Hannah commented on the song saying, “I hope the beauty and drama of this arrangement of “Split the Sea” can help us all remember the faithfulness and character of God. Even if we find ourselves in a situation that seems impossible, He is still the God of miracles, and we just have to believe in Him.”

There is so much hope when we put our trust in God. Let your worries rest on His shoulders and we will have the strength to face each day. He is our path to salvation and can perform miracles like we cannot even imagine.

‘Split The Sea’ references one of the largest miracles God ever performed when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. When the world starts to seem too tough, look back on these moments and know that God can make anything possible.