'Dreamer' Home Free Originial A Cappella Song

'Dreamer' Home Free Originial A Cappella Song

The men of Home Free share archived footage from the Grand Ole Opry in their latest a cappella video, ‘Dreamer.’

Everyone who has set foot on the Opry stage has a special dream. The words of this song are all about not losing touch with what your heart truly desires.

“What will they read on your headstone when you're gone
When your ship comes in the night
Just a sinner that never saw anything but the dark
Did you finally see the light”

Today, the five talented men of Home Free perform this original song completely a cappella. We first met this incredible group when they competed on the fourth season of ‘The Sing Off.’

Home Free went on to win the entire competition and have since become a household name with their viral a cappella covers and original songs. ‘Dreamer’ is the fourth single off of their latest album, ‘Dive Bar Saints.’

The video pays homage to the Grand Ole Opry and the significant of that country stage. “Every time we hit that Opry stage, it feels surreal to be performing at such an iconic venue.” The video includes footage from legendary artists such as Dolly Parton and Vince Gill as they perform on the infamous stage.

“I will die a dreamer
I won't die a man
By and by believer
That's just who I am
So bury me with roses
Boxes full of sand
I will die a dreamer, dreaming man”

This song goes out to all the dreamers in the world. Never let anything stand in the way of achieving your dreams.