2021 07 25 John Haller's Prophecy Update "A Battlefield"

2021 07 25 John Haller's Prophecy Update 'A Battlefield'

As we spiral closer to the end of all things, we find ourselves on many battlefields. A battlefield for our minds. A battlefield for our morality. A battlefield for our bodily autonomy and choice, and most of all, a battlefield for logic and common sense. In a post-truth society, forces will close in on every side to move us further away from truth and what is right, spurned on by the master of deception who, since the encounter in the garden, distorts absolute truth to be "the" truth. The biggest difference between then and now, is that those who would run counter to God's provision for his people no longer hide in the shadows...they are front in center in a worldwide campaign of deception to control the unwashed masses.

Persecution is coming on many fronts here in the West. It's now just a matter of how much God allows prior to Him setting things straight.

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