Singer Ray Singleton Dedicates Audition To Wife Who Survived Brain Cancer

Singer Ray Singleton Dedicates Audition To Wife Who Survived Brain Cancer

Check out this inspiring audition on America’s Got Talent where Ray Singleton dedicates the song he is singing to his wife who just survived brain cancer.

Ray is a 31-year-old from Charlotte, NC, and singing has always been a dream of his.

“To sing has been my dream my entire life,” Ray shared. “But after college, I was looking for a job. I ended up selling cars, but I never stopped singing.

And he showed his passion for his craft during his AGT audition. He also shared the touching story behind his song of choice.

“I am singing a love song in dedication to my wife,” he said. “It’s a story of everything she is to me and everything that I want to be to her. Actually, the reason that I’m here is because of my wife. She’s a U.S. Navy veteran. She’s also a brain cancer survivor.”

Ray and his wife, Rosalind, were married in November 2018. Just after their 1-year wedding anniversary, they found out some devastating news.

“I went to the doctor, and she said, ‘You have a mass the size of an orange on your brain,’” said Rosalind.

After going through 10 months of chemotherapy, Ray shared about how music was able to help them both get through the tough time.

“It was hard seeing her go through that,” Ray said. “When I felt helpless, I sat down at the piano, with her by my side, and I sang her a song. It was simply to make my wife smile.”

“His singing helped. It got me through brain cancer. Yeah, it helped, a lot,” Rosalind said with tears filling up her eyes. “I told him that I wanted him to live his dream, and I’m so proud of him being here, I really am.”

Thankfully, Ray’s wife is now cancer free, and he was able to dedicate his audition song to her. The song that Ray sings is "I Am Yours" by Andy Grammer.

“Just another love song from a simple man
I been searching for some chords underneath these hands, so I can try to tell you I love you
You know I need you like your oxygen, be my atmosphere, let me breath you in
So I can try to tell you I love you, I been lost, I been found
But I know I am now, I am yours, I am yours now and always”

What an emotional and beautiful performance! It was so full of warmth and love, just like the relationship between Ray and Rosalind.

Ray’s audition got 4 yeses from the judges, and he was able to celebrate with a sweet embrace with his wife onstage. May God continue to bless this beautiful couple, and may music continue to be a light for Ray throughout his life.

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