Mom Shares Warning After 18-Month-Old's Symptoms Lead To Serious Health Diagnosis

Mom Shares Warning After 18-Month-Old's Symptoms Lead To Serious Health Diagnosis

Is your baby constantly thirsty? Is your child losing weight? One mom shares a warning after her 18-month-old’s symptoms led to a serious health diagnosis.

At first, Courtney Moore merely thought her son was thirsty because of the heat wave in California. With temperatures rising into the triple digits, she didn’t think anything of it when her son kept grabbing her water bottle and taking huge. But when he began soaking through his nighttime diapers, she became concerned and decided it would be best to call Maddox’s pediatrician.

Prior to calling his doctor, Courtney reached out to friends. Multiple moms suggested she simply double up on diapers at night. But Courtney couldn’t shake the feeling something wasn’t right.

That’s when she received a diagnosis she never expected. She had no idea her son’s life was in danger until the pediatrician informed her that Maddox’s blood glucose readings were over 600. A normal blood glucose would read well under 150. Her son was in diabetic ketoacidosis. He was immediately treated for type one diabetes because his pancreas was not making enough insulin. The diagnosis of an autoimmune disease came as a shock to Courtney. Left untreated, these diseases can be life threatening.

Other symptoms for type one diabetes include being lethargic, feeling unwell, peeing often, and unexplained weight loss.

Praise God that Courtney followed her gut and advocated for her child, otherwise her son might not be here today. Now that Maddox is being treated with insulin, he is thriving. But Courtney wants every mom to know that their child’s thirst could be more than just the basic need for re-hydration—it could be diabetes. Thank God for the wisdom He so generously gave to Courtney! Because of God’s generosity, He is working through Courtney to help other moms become more aware of the symptoms of diabetes.

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!” Proverbs 16:16

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