Mistreated Cow Finds Comfort In The Arms Of Her Rescuer

Mistreated Cow Finds Comfort In The Arms Of Her Rescuer

After years of neglect, this mistreated cow finds comfort in the arms of her rescuer.

The Vale de Rainha Sanctuary in Brazil has rescued all types of animals for almost 10 years. Patricia and Vitor chose to dedicate their lives to saving innocent animals’ lives and now live at the sanctuary with over 200 animals.

This non-profit refers to their rescue animals as ‘Animal Masters’ because they teach people about forgiveness and unconditional love. It’s alright to actually ‘awww!’ right now. It’s so precious and so true!

Gaia the cow came to the sanctuary with unhealed wounds and scars and couldn’t even stand. About six people had to carry her with a tarp after rolling her onto it. You can tell she doesn’t try to fight it. It’s as if Patricia was able to let her know that she was safe.

Her rescuers seemed to find her just in time because she had to fight just to make it through each day and night. After starting treatments, Patricia said, “We were with her day and night praying that she can make it to another day.”

Seeing Gaia lifted off the ground with the recovery equipment is heartbreaking. Had she gone a few more days alone, she definitely wouldn’t have survived. As if she was placing her life in Patricia’s hands, Gaia completely rested her head on her shoulder.

Putting that level of trust in one person when so many other humans in her life mistreated her is beautiful and inspiring. Gaia went from death’s door because of humans to cuddling with Patricia as she grew stronger.

Patricia said, “Master Gaia’s spirit taught us that there is hope even when we can’t see any.”

God’s creatures can teach us so much about love and forgiveness. To live a life by God’s Word, we must learn to unconditionally accept others’ flaws and forgive their mistakes.

God bless Patricia and those who help at the sanctuary for giving those innocent animals a second chance at life.

And be you kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32

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