Relaxed Dog Falls Asleep In The Pool

Relaxed Dog Falls Asleep In The Pool

Watch this super relaxed dog fall asleep in the pool — it’s too cute to look away!

This adorable Golden Retriever apparently had a little too much fun swimming because he passed out before even getting out of the pool! Can we blame him? A nice long nap SHOULD follow hours of playing in the pool on a sunny day. Especially for such a good boy!

Like a lot of dog owners, this woman clearly put her pup’s comfort before her own. At least he weighed less in the water! He probably felt weightless himself. Look at him fighting to keep his eyes open — he just can’t!

I can imagine the calming flow of water as he was slowly rocked back and forth. I’d probably fall asleep too! There’s a reason that some types of physical therapy happen in water. And those sleeping chambers where you float in dense saltwater while napping/meditating? It all makes sense!

On top of the calming water, his human gave him scratches while rocking him. There’s no way this sleepy boy could successfully fight off his much-needed nap!

You can tell when he really started to give in to the sleepiness and comfort. His head kept slowly falling backward into the water. He’s probably normally his happiest when he gets to cuddle with his owner like this, in OR out of the pool.

His day of playing in the pool and napping in his person’s arms while being rocked in the water sounds like a dream. Hopefully he gets days like this all the time!

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