Luke Bryan Thinks 15-Year-Old Casey Bishop Can Rock Her Way To The Finale

Luke Bryan Thinks 15-Year-Old Casey Bishop Can Rock Her Way To The Finale

She may not have any experience performing on stage, but Luke Bryan thinks 15-Year-old Casey Bishop can rock her way to the finale.

Casey showed up on American Idol wearing an ordinary outfit you’d find most teenage girls wearing. A green tank top, light green pants, and black shoes. She didn’t dress up, she came with one mission in mind, to find out if she was good enough for American Idol.

She tells the judges after she performs that no one really knew she could sing besides a few friends. Katy Perry joked that she bet Casey’s hairbrush probably knew she could sing. This young girl gifted with a beautiful voice never sang in the choir, never took a music class, and never took part in talent shows. She told the judges, “I don’t have any performance experience really.”

But what first surprised the judges was her taste in music. Instead of being a fan of pop music, Casey shared she loves the blues and rock, like Nirvana, Red-Hot Chili Peppers, and Motley Crue. She surprised judges again and she said she planned to sing one of her favorite songs, “Live Wire,” by Motley Crue.

Casey took a deep breath and began to sing, she astounded judges with her “bluesy” cover of the song. She then performed one more song just to show the judges her vocal range with Sarah Vaughan’s, “My Funny Valentine.”

When she finishes belting out the last note, judge Luke Bryan says, “I don’t even know what just happened.” He later declares, “I think she’s the winner of American Idol, period.”

Lionel Ritchie and Katy Perry both raved about her strength, unique voice, and performance. Katy then tells her what Casey definitely needed to hear about her God-given talents and purpose.

“Maybe this time you will fulfill your purpose. You’re really, really, really, good!” Katy Perry said. Either way, Casey earned a ticket to Hollywood! Who else is rooting for this girl?

“I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” Psalm 57:2

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