Street Performer Stuns With 'Let It Be' Cover In Dublin

Street Performer Stuns With 'Let It Be' Cover In Dublin

Who knew that “Let It Be” by The Beatles would be one of the most performed and beloved songs more than 50 years later! This song, without a doubt, has captured the whole world and people like Andreas Mac continue to remind us. This street performer stuns the crowd singing, “Let It Be” cover on the sidewalk in Dublin.

Andreas Mac is a gifted artist. When you combine his passion with his piano playing skills and his voice, it is a crowd-stopper! The video starts off with Andreas informing the crowd that he will be performing that classic cover and invites them all to sing along with the chorus.

“I’d like to do a song by Paul McCartney that was written while he was still with The Beatles. Please feel free to sing along. Of course, it’s pretty easy it just goes… Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. So join me if you’d want,” he said.

Before he plays one tune on the piano, a crowd gathers despite the busy shoppers briskly walking from one shop to the next. But they stop and whip out their phones, eager for a musical delight to brighten their day. In fact, the familiar notes are already making people smile. Soon more and more people stop as if the rich notes of this classic hit are a beacon.

But when Andreas begins to sing, a hush comes over the crowd. They are stunned! Who knew that a performer singing in the streets of Dublin would have such incredible, raw, talent? No one apparently, judging by the looks of awe gathered around him. Soon the crowd joins in on the chorus and continues to sing to the end, letting Andreas take the lead of course.

And once he’s done, the mesmerized crowd lingers eager to hear more. Wouldn’t you? Well done, Andreas! We hope to see more from you!

“I will sing to the Lord, Because He has dealt bountifully with me.” Psalm 13:6

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