8-Year-Old Saves Sister's Life And It's All Thanks To John Cena

8-Year-Old Saves Sister's Life And It's All Thanks To John Cena

Jaxon, an 8-year-old, saves his sister’s life, and it’s all thanks to John Cena! Yes, you read that right. Celebrity professional wrestler, John Cena, appeared on a show on Nickelodeon that Jaxon remembered watching almost a year before his sister’s close-call.

Nervous about the kids in your life having too much screen time? Well, some of that screen time may pay off, and sometimes, even save a life!

Jaxon noticed his 20-month-old little sister choking on a piece of food while in the car. He was able to save her thanks to an episode of “The Substitute” he saw on Nickelodeon.

“The Substitute” is similar to the classic hidden-camera prank shows, but this time, the kids get pranked during what they think is a regular day at school.

Different celebrities are disguised with special effects makeup and pose as a substitute teacher, often with a quirky personality. John Cena pretended to be a goofy CPR instructor while teaching common safety procedures.

“I saw my sister’s face purple and red. So, I started patting her on the back and told my dad to pull over,” said Jaxon.

Jaxon’s quick thinking got noticed by national news outlets. And more importantly to Jaxon, it was noticed by John Cena. John recorded a personal video message to Jaxon to congratulate him. His heart-warming message will make you feel as proud as his parents.

In no time, his town honored him with a parade of firetrucks because Jaxon wants to be a firefighter one day. The local community didn’t stop there. The mayor gave Jaxon an official commendation recognizing his bravery that saved his sister.

Jaxon deserved all of that celebration and more!

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