This Couple Is In Tears After Surprise Violin Serenade On 67th Wedding Anniversary

This Couple Is In Tears After Surprise Violin Serenade On 67th Wedding Anniversary

A couple celebrates their 67th wedding anniversary with joyful tears while enjoying the sweet serenade of a violin.

Love is in the air. Can you smell it? If not, you can definitely see the love shared between these two. The couple, both almost 90-years-old met at the tender age of 15. Now, many years later, they get to continue celebrating the life they have lived together with this monumental landmark. Sixty-seven years is a long time to be married. What a blessing!

What makes this serenade such a treat was its surprise planning. The couple’s daughter lives with her family in Utah. She decided to give her parents a thoughtful gift for their anniversary. The reason she decided on a violin serenade had special meaning too.

When her parents were younger, her mother played the violin as part of an orchestra. Her father took her mother to many of those practices and stayed to listen. This serenade then was not only a surprise but a reminder of their formative teenage years when their love first began to spring.

In the video, the mother sits in a chair, and the father stands behind her with one hand on her shoulder. Their eyes lock onto the musician playing, Daniel Morris. When he finishes, both deliver applause to the artist.

Watching the couple tear up as they listen naturally causes an emotional response in the viewer. They appear to be not just happy but thankful, so thankful for all those youthful days that led to that very moment.

They talk after the music is finished playing, though their words are inaudible. What is clear are the smiles on their bright faces.

The musician, Daniel Morris, uploaded the video to his Facebook page saying, “A true love story❤️ This couple almost 90 years old, was celebrating their 67th anniversary! @tam5boyz and her family that live in Utah, set this serenade up for their parents here in CA. They met when she was 15❤️ , and she used to play violin in orchestra. He would take her to all her practices and sit in the audience listening 🎻.”

May the love witnessed in this video drive us to love the people around us more earnestly. May we also reflect with joy on the fact that if this love is indeed rich, deep, and true, then God’s love is even greater. That gives us plenty of reason to be thankful.

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