Amazon Delivery Driver Dances For Doorbell Camera

Amazon Delivery Driver Dances For Doorbell Camera

This Amazon delivery driver dancing for the doorbell camera really knows how to get down.

But before the feet start stomping, the DJ has to cue the music. That’s exactly what happens in this video, minus the DJ. The music begins to play as we see an Amazon delivery truck parked in someone’s driveway. At the start, the Amazon employee is unseen as he is on the inside of the truck grabbing the resident’s package.

When he appears inside the van and prepares to step down to the pavement, it’s as though we are getting ready for his performance. And not just any performance either. No, this performance is for those who can appreciate a good dance performance.

He walks down the pathway leading to the porch. With the music playing, the path feels more like a runaway. He slows down his pacing as he starts doing the wave with his arms. He appears to be pretty content and may even be aware that he’s on camera.

The young man slowly dances his way toward the door, seemingly glancing at the camera from time to time.

Once he reaches the porch, the dancing doesn't stop either. Quite the opposite. The man puts the package down and goes into more energetic movement, doing what’s called the Shoot and other dances.

He really does get busy on the runway as he starts back to the van. The man turns, hops, jumps, and does a great deal of bouncing. What makes the video even funnier, is that the man dances all the way back to the van and doesn’t stop. He gets inside of the vehicle and keeps the movement going.

However hilarious the man is, he’s still quite talented. Not everyone can do what he’s doing and surely he’s no stranger to dance.

And by the looks of him in this video, he is likely no stranger to an audience either.

How cool is it that this man is enjoying his job so much? He’s found a way to mix exercise and his work, and he may even be doing this purposefully to bring a little joy to folks who are spending most of their time at home these days!

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