Honest Toddler Doesn't Like Mom's Singing And She Isn't Afraid To Tell Her

Honest Toddler Doesn't Like Mom's Singing And She Isn't Afraid To Tell Her

Honesty is key, right? Well, honesty was definitely at play when this toddler admitted she didn’t like her mom’s singing, and she was not afraid to tell her.

The video begins beautifully. A pretty baby girl is sitting on the lap of her mother. The child is dressed in a grey shirt with a bright rainbow emblem. Atop the girl’s blond hair is a big white bow. She looks so cute as she smiles, especially considering she doesn’t have many teeth, save two bottom ones.

The mother is happy too, clearly heard in her joyful singing. She sings a song, seemingly celebrating her girl.

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,” she sang.

The little girl initially did not clap, but by the end of the 14-second video, managed to clap her hands together. She smiled as she clapped, but this was not the end of their experience. No. The mother had an important question for the girl, and you can guess where this is going.

The caption at the top of the video reads, “Was not expecting that.” Children are known for being brutally honest with one another and adults. This girl fully embodies that truth.

The mother asked her daughter “Do you like my singing?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, not one, the little girl said in her childish voice, “No.”

The moment is truly hilarious, and what makes the child’s reaction funnier is that as she answered her mother, her facial expression changed from happiness to disapproval. And her face did not change back.

The mother’s facial expression altered after the response. “What?” she questioned back and then the video ended. She appeared to be as surprised as we were by the answer. Her singing may not have been out of this world, but the way the girl smiled before, she seemed to be happy. Guess not. We can only wonder what she tells her mother about her cooking or anything else today. Then again maybe the mother doesn’t ask questions anymore.

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