Little Dog Has A Funny Way Of Getting Out The Pool

Little Dog Has A Funny Way Of Getting Out The Pool

This clever little dog has a funny way of getting out of the pool!

With an in-ground pool, a dog can swim to the stairs to get out no matter how small. But how would a small dog get out of an out-of-ground pool where there’s normally only a ladder? Well, this smart pooch has just the idea.

Melissa Sims shared a video of her Jack Russell Terrier finding its way to dry land. Baby Girl, the clever terrier, doggie-paddled toward the pool filter, away from the deck. I would’ve thought her only hope would be to somehow stretch her stumpy legs high enough to hoist herself onto the platform!

Baby Girl ducked her head and popped straight out of the filter like a rabbit hole. She then twisted her body around and hopped onto the edge of the pool. She walked that balance beam halfway around the pool with so much courage!

WIthout slipping, Baby Girl leaped onto the deck and kept walking, as if what she had done wasn’t incredible. At only seven pounds and less than a foot off the ground, she is probably used to finding unique ways to get where she wants to go!

Don’t think Baby Girl just fell in the pool...she dove right in herself! Apparently, she loves all things that involve water. On Melissa’s TikTok page, a bunch of videos shows how the athletic pup adores swimming, surfing, and wading in the pool. She even has her own boogie board!

Once the original video of Baby Girl’s escape route circled around, the internet immediately fell in love with her. She now has about 35,000 fans following her daily adventures, and Melissa happily shares videos and updates on her spunky pooch.

Melissa has shared that Baby Girl has supervision when performing her goofy stunts -- so we can sit back and appreciate the pup’s videos. We love you, Baby Girl!

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