Rescue Kitten Makes Her Home With A Family Of Pigs

Rescue Kitten Makes Her Home With A Family Of Pigs

Watch this little rescue kitten make her home with a family of pigs! It’s too cute for words!

Which one of these little guys doesn’t belong? Kind of hard to tell at first glance. I don’t think the piglets even noticed they had an extra sister with a little more fluff!

Someone found this kitten alone in an auto shop and decided to take her back to their farm. Luckily, this family of pigs seemed to welcome her with open arms.

Right at the beginning, you can see the rambunctious gal pounce at a piglet with her paw outstretched. The piglets pay no mind to her games while they munch on some snacks and lick each other.

Then another piggy comes scurrying over and loops around the bunch. Its coloring makes it look just its new sister. They’re almost even the same size!

The pic that the kitten pounced toward before kind of nudges her. She swings around as if she’s saying, “Excuse me?!” Don’t worry -- she isn’t ready to fight. She’s ready to play! The nudge was an invitation to play!

The kitty hops toward the spotted pig with her little paws in the air as if that makes her look more threatening. Then the other two piglets join them in the corner closer to momma pig.

The goofy girl takes an interest in the piglets’ tiny tails, just like how cats enjoy toys attached to strings. She tries to paw at them a few times but can’t seem to catch one. The short attention span of her little kitty mind quickly refocuses on her own tail for a split second. But then, look! A noise from over there!

Kitty can’t decide if she wants to find out what creature is hanging out on the other side of the wall or if she wants to keep chasing her piglets’ tails. What a difficult decision!

I think this spunky gal will be well-loved by both the piggies and the humans at her new home!

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