Truck Driver Uses Lift To Help Elderly Woman Avoid Huge Mud Puddle

One elderly lady’s day could have been ruined without the aid of a thoughtful truck driver who used his lift to help her avoid a huge mud puddle.

It’s no fun to head out sporting your bright white tennis shoes only to realize that you have to go through a monster mess to get to your car. However, this gentlemanly truck driver, along with his partner, helped one lovely lady keep her feet clean by taking a few minutes in his day to make a path through the puddle.

We sometimes hear the expression “chivalry is dead,” but this driver demonstrates that is not the case. At a time when lots of bad behavior is captured on film, it sure is nice that this good deed was documented.

Bidfood’s truck driver and his off-camera partner work together to back up the truck and make sure the lift is in perfect position. He then gives the lady a hand as she steps onto the lift while carrying her purse and cane. He watches as she walks safely above the water below, and takes a big step down and directly into her car. They exchange a few words and she is all set to go, her feet still clean and dry. By the way, we think she is in pretty good shape to manage those critical first and last steps, too!

Bidfood is a wholesale food company based in the United Kingdom with operations all over the globe—South Africa, Scotland, Australia, and Lithuania, which is where this kind driver happens to be working.

Bidfood’s slogan is “Inspired by You.” How fitting! On this particular day and caught on TikTok, a Bidfood employee inspired others. It usually doesn’t take a lot to show a bit of kindness. In this case, a few moments, a bit of creativity, and the motivation to make another person’s day just a bit better was all that was needed.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,” Galatians 5:22
Source: Sunny Skyz

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