'Mine' Ellie Holcomb Official Music Video Featuring Drew Holcomb

The ‘Mine’ Ellie Holcomb official music video featuring Drew Holcomb makes me super emotional.

There’s no earthly love stronger than the love parents have for their children. Ellie Holcomb’s song expresses that perfectly. And now the personal music video to go along with it? I cannot hold back my tears.

Ellie Holcomb describes herself as a Christian singer/songwriter and has been making music since 2005. She initially toured with her husband’s band, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, and began her solo pursuit six years later. The couple met in college and got married right after.

I love this -- a couple that makes music together, stays together!

‘Mine’ appears on her upcoming album called ‘Canyon,’ written and recorded throughout the hardships of the Covid pandemic. The song is written from her perspective to her three kids telling them how much she loves them and how she will always be there for them.

Emotions like that can often go unsaid, but Ellie’s song is a permanent reminder to her children of her undying love. It’s also an amazing song to share with your kids, no matter how old they are.

In case you missed how touching the lyrics were, here are some from the chorus.

Before I held you, I knew I loved you
Before I saw you, I was sold out for you
I was writing lullabies, Before I ever heard your cry,
I’ve been here the whole time

The music video has beautiful clips of her children playing and enjoying family time. Her husband is even featured in the song as if they’re both singing it to their kids. It will be so special for their kids to have this video to look back on when they’re older.

Endless blessings to the Holcomb family!
Source: Ellie Holcomb

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