Dad Parodies 'Sound Of Silence' As Kids Return To School

Dad Parodies 'Sound Of Silence' As Kids Return To School

This dad parodies the song ‘Sound of Silence’ about what all parents are thinking as kids return to school.

As excited as parents are for their kids to start a brand new school year and learn brand new stuff, they’re just as excited, if not more, to finally have some peace and quiet around the house. Noisy summers are completely normal for most families, but almost the entire 2020-2021 school year had students learning remotely.

First graders on computers in a video call? Should they already have a collection of business attire for these meetings?! Kids asking parents questions about long division? That information was discarded a long time ago!

It seems like forever ago when families didn’t have to be stuck in the same house all the time. Everyone at home means ALL of the noise. That’s why parents had their hopes up for the new school year. The COVID cases down meant things might return to normal — until the corona variants popped up.

The fear of remote learning returned. Will parents ever have the sound of silence in their houses again?! Penn Holderness sang about all of these worries and fears in one of his recent parodies.

The original ‘Sound of Silence’ was released in 1964 by Simon & Garfunkel. That acoustic version basically failed along with the rest of their debut album. Out of nowhere a year later, the song’s popularity grew. The producer remixed the song with electrical instruments, boosting it to the top of the charts.

Now, the lyrics are recognizable to people of almost all ages, and the dramatic lyrics provide the perfect setup for parodies!

Here are some of Penn’s hilarious lyrics.

We’re getting nervous over here,
It may be kind of like last year.
And now the school’s administration,
May have to make a tough decision.

Thanks for the laughs, Holderness Family! We pray that along with these laughs, kids can safely return to school and continue their learning in person like they used to.

For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith Jehovah; because they have called thee an outcast, 'saying, It is Zion, whom no man seeketh after. Thus said the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17-18

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