93-Year-Old Beams During Hokey Pokey Flash Mob For Her Birthday

93-Year-Old Beams During Hokey Pokey Flash Mob For Her Birthday

Maybe some would rather hear the “Macarena” or the “Electric Slide” or the “Chicken Dance,” but this 93-year-old beams when she’s treated to a “Hokey Pokey” flash mob for her birthday. Phyllis Brinkerhoff is a huge fan of the perennial wedding crowd pleaser. In fact, she may be the biggest fan ever, and there’s no doubt she loves the song more than anyone else in her town of Prairie Village, Kansas—about 23,000 thousand souls strong.

Phyllis, a lover of music in general, talks with the interviewer here about her affection for the song. Phyllis describes “Hokey Pokey” as “fun” and “joyous.” And, as we see her do a few dance steps on her porch, break into laughter from a big smile, and blow a kiss to a passing neighbor, it seems impossible to find better words to describe Phyllis herself!

“Hokey Pokey” was recorded in the United States in 1948, but it originated back in the 1800’s in Britain. The English call the tune “Hokey Cokey,” and it’s been recorded in several countries. Perhaps Phyllis understands the song’s universal appeal because she’s been on a crusade to make it a favorite within her community.

Phyllis likes the song so much that she gave her neighbor Melanie Mendrys a CD of the song. Afterward, she called Melanie several times just to see if Melanie had yet fallen in love with the song.

Phyllis seems surprised when the reporter tells her that some folks just don’t have the same love for her fave, but, in the end, it’s clear that Phyllis is sharp as a tack and full of good humor about her challenged “Hokey Pokey” campaign.

Though Melanie never fully embraced Mrs. B’s favorite song, she did use it to make Phyllis’s birthday extra special. She and her daughter created fancy invitations, delivered them up and down the street, and gathered as many as they could to perform a “Hokey Pokey” flash mob right in Phyllis's front yard!

While the dancing crowd wasn’t hundreds in number, it was huge in heart. Melanie describes the smile on Phyllis’s face during that surprise, but Melanie’s smile speaks volumes, too. The birthday surprise was for Phyllis, but it looks like the kind folks of Prairie Village, Kansas got an equal reward. It just proves that it feels super good to do something kind for someone else!

“May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you.” 1 Thessalonians 3:12

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