100-Year-Old Vet Takes The Plunge Of A Lifetime To Complete Bucket List

100-Year-Old Vet Takes The Plunge Of A Lifetime To Complete Bucket List

What does turning 100 years old really mean? Generally speaking, it means one was blessed enough to make it to the centenarian age and it should be celebrated with friends, family, cake, and candles. However, Charles Montanaro wanted to do something just a little different. This 100-year-old vet took the plunge of a lifetime to complete his bucket list. He dove out of a plane!

Skydiving is a brave act at any age. But we bet that part of why this video went so viral is because of what Charles said after his jump.

Charles has lived a long life filled with so many experiences and memories. He also served in World War II as a United States Merchant Marine which means he got used to living a life filled with danger. When Honor Flight, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor those who served our country, asked him what he wanted to do for his 100th birthday, he told them he wanted to jump out of a plane. “It’s about the only thing I haven’t done,” he said.

As Charles’ birthday approached, the organization got to work honoring his request. They connected this brave, Nevada soldier with a skydiving company in Arizona.

When the video was posted online, viewers were astounded! Gaining over 76,000 views and counting, one viewer commented, “He’s more brave at 100 years old than most of our modern generation.” Another joked, “Meanwhile, my brother can't jump off the couch without panicking.”

When the video captured Charles landing, he did look like a child at heart. He was laughing, bubbly, and had a big smile on his face. He laughed and said, “Let’s do it again.” He was asked whether or not he was nervous as he jumped out of a plane between 10,000 and 13,000 feet above the ground. He said, “It took one hundred years to get nerve enough to get old enough.” After crossing his big birthday leap off his bucket list, he added another thing, to break the world record and skydive at the age of 104.

This video will make you smile and praise God all at the same time of living a life well-lived!

“Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.” Proverbs 16:31

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