Funny Wife Imagines If Husbands Were Toddlers

Funny Wife Imagines If Husbands Were Toddlers

Check out this funny video of a wife imagining what her husband would act like if he was a toddler.

At the start of the video, the husband throws open the bedroom door and starts yelling “babe, babe, honey, babe, honey!” He says it over and over again like a little kid would do if he was calling his mommy. Now that can definitely get annoying!

The husband then acts out how a toddler would act on a play date with a friend. Then he shows off how adamant he is about doing things for himself, like putting on shoes, coats, and his seatbelt, even though he may not have enough coordination yet to do the task correctly. But this is so true of toddlers and they have to learn how to do these things sometime!

Later in the video, the husband is acting like a child when he starts crying in the aisle of Home Depot when his wife says he can’t buy a new tool. This scene looks very familiar to when little kids throw temper tantrums in stores when they can’t get a new toy that they want from the shelf.

And talk about the mess! This husband acts just like a toddler in how messy he is when he eats and when he leaves his tools all over the house after using them, just like how kids leave their toys all over the floor.

Thankfully, grown adults do not act like toddlers. And that’s good because taking care of kids is already enough work! But this video of the wife imagining her husband as a toddler was very comical!

The husband in this video was Taylor Calmus, a Colorado based actor and comedian. His YouTube channel is called Dude Dad and he said he started right before his son was born “as a way to stay creative while learning to be a father.”

We hope you enjoyed this video and it was able to bring a little humor to your day!

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