Simon Calls Their Mom After Sisters Secretly Audition For BGT

Simon Calls Their Mom After Sisters Secretly Audition For BGT

Check out this Britain’s Got Talent audition where Simon calls the mother of two sisters who just performed together on stage!

Sisters Suzanne and Roxanne Chey came on to BGT and impressed the judges with their stunning cover of Stormzy's 'Blinded by Your Grace'.

“I'm blinded by Your grace, every night, every day
And I was lost, yeah, but ever since You found me
I'm blinded by Your grace, through the darkness You came
And I'll be alright with You by my side”

Suzanne is 25 years old and she sang the song, and 33-year-old Roxanne played the piano. They both did such a beautiful job. You can tell that they have such a tight bond by the way that they came out on stage together holding hands.

What a wonderful performance, and how amazing it is to see them using their talents to glorify the Lord! They even get a standing ovation from the audience after their audition.

“You know what I loved about this audition,” says Simon. “It just felt real and pure, and I could listen to that over and over again.”

After the judges give the sister four yeses, they find out that their mother has no idea that they are there. “Let’s call your mom now, on TV,” Simon says.

The sisters look surprised, but they walk over to the judges’ table and ring up their mother, Agnes. Simon puts the phone call on speaker phone so everyone can hear the conversation.

“You have two daughters called Suzanne and Roxanne, don’t you?” Simon says on the phone to Agnes. “Yes,” she replies.

“Do you know where they are today?” says Simon. “Why? Is this a joke or something?” Agnes says in a confused voice. “What’s going on?”

But Simon reassures her as the audience laughs. “No, it’s not a joke. They’re on a show called Britain’s Got Talent.”

“Oh! Is that Simon?” Agnes says before Simon says yes while the audience erupts in laughter.

Now that’s a way to end an audition! Four yeses from the judges and a special phone call to your mother from Simon Cowell!

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