Excited Dog Retrieves Mail From Mail Man

Excited Dog Retrieves Mail From Mail Man

Check out this fun video of an excited dog who retrieves mail from the mailman. What a great trick!

The owner of the cute 11-month-old dog named Nova in the video is Gage Elledge, and the pair live in Ohio. This adorable trick that Gage filmed is catching the hearts of all who see the video online.

“She’s the cutest!” says one person after watching the video.

Another person comments: “As a mail carrier with a ‘mail dog’ on my route, I promise that’s the highlight of my day.”

The viral video has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views online, and it is so cool to see Nova go and collect the mail from the mailman.

At first, the dog looks up at her owner who is filming and then dashes down the stairs and across the yard to where the mailman is parked. The pup is so happy to see her mailman friend that her tail is wagging vigorously.

Nova is then handed the mail from the mailman, and then she goes back up on the porch to give the mail to her owner. “Come on, bring it up here,” says Gage.

What a good job, Nova! This dog definitely has this trick down, and it is fun to see her accomplish this task. Kuddos to Gage for training her so well!

This video reminds us of why dogs are called man’s best friends. They are so cute and cuddly, but they can also be very helpful! We hope that this video was able to bring a smile to your face today!

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