'A Father's Legacy' Inspiring Drama Follows Bond Of 2 Unlikely Friends

'A Father's Legacy' Inspiring Drama Follows Bond Of 2 Unlikely Friends

Watch the trailer for ‘A Father’s Legacy,’ inspiring drama follows bond of 2 unlikely friends.

After watching this trailer, I have so many questions. The video is so vague in a way that makes you really want to see the movie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come out for another month, and there’s not too much information about it out there -- I guess we all just have to wait!

The trailer begins with a gentle piano playing in the background. The sound continues while one of the two main characters talks to the other younger main character. He’s describing how a person’s decisions affect other people by comparing the choices a person makes to a stone skipping water.

Already so vague...I must know more!

Simultaneously, the younger character is shown having a conversation with someone else. You hear another man’s voice say, “It’s important to pursue a relationship with your Heavenly Father.” Don’t we know it is!

‘A Father’s Legacy’ was written and directed by Jason Mac, who also stars as one of the main characters. His character, Nick, responds to the man with, “See, I had an earthly father who was never around.” And then it’s revealed that Nick is talking to a preacher, probably seeking guidance.

A troubled past and turning to Christ? Sounds like an inspirational story that I MUST see.

The older man, Billy, is played by Tobin Bell who you might know from the ‘Saw’ films. In this story, Billy secludes himself from society and lives in a cottage deep in the woods. But as the two men talk, you find out that Nick committed armed robbery and in his attempt to run away, found Billy in his home and pointed a gun at him.

I never would’ve guessed that was coming. Like I said -- I have so many questions.

We then get a glimpse of the bond that these two form throughout the movie, but then the rest of the trailer is filled with a montage of clips that just make the story even more interesting.

I can’t wait to see how faith pulls this story together.

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