TikToker Buys Woman's Entire Cart After Her Selfless Act Of Kindness In Walmart

TikToker Buys Woman's Entire Cart After Her Selfless Act Of Kindness In Walmart

It’s been a long day. You have a million things on your mind and a list of things to get at everyone’s favorite store—Wal-Mart. After getting off of work and picking up your kids, you head to the store to get the bare minimum items needed because you live on a shoestring budget. But what would you do if a complete stranger approached you and asked if you would buy him one thing?

One woman discovered it’s more blessed to give than receive after TikToker buys her entire cart after her selfless act of kindness. Video creator Jimmy Darts is known for making crazy videos for his 1.7 million fans on TikTok.
The secret to his success is taking challenges from his viewers and filming them. But Jimmy also teaches his fans about random acts of kindness too. And this is one video you don’t want to miss.
Jimmy approaches a mom who looks weary after a long day of work. When you look at her cart, you’ll see she just has the essentials like laundry detergent and milk. Moms are always on the run to the store for milk! But then, Jimmy approaches her and asks her if she wouldn’t mind buying him a can of Chef Boyardee. Her simple act of kindness to pay less than $3.00 for a can of food blessed her heart.
She took his can of food and without a word, began to pay for it. But then Jimmy tells her why he’s actually there.
He then proceeds to pay for everything in her cart and takes her on a mini shopping spree. Even though Jimmy insisted she get something for herself, she refused and focused on the needs her son had like needing a new booster seat. Her son Abraham got to shop for a few fun toys, too!
If it’s one thing Jimmy knows how to do, it’s blessing people with his kindness in his crazy videos. I’d say, both Jimmy and this mom blessed each other and showed the world how one simple act can make or break a person’s day.
"Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor." Proverbs 21:21


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