Baby Boy Is Over The Moon After Receiving Furry Birthday Present

Baby Boy Is Over The Moon After Receiving Furry Birthday Present

This adorable baby boy is over the moon after receiving furry birthday present!

Whatever you think this baby is getting as a gift, you’re not prepared for the level of cuteness contained in this short video.

TikTok user, Jack Frank, had it exactly right in his caption -- “if this doesn’t blow up [I don’t know] what will.” If I had the power to make something go viral, I would choose content just like this.

And shocker, it went viral! The video has almost three million likes and has been viewed over 13 million times. Personally, I think every single person that watched it should’ve liked it.

Baby Frem, who appears to be celebrating his first birthday, crawls over to the large box while the people, who are most likely his parents, say, “What’s that?” and “Go get your birthday present!”

He tries to take the lid off himself until his parents swoop in to help him. At this point, you can faintly hear little squeaks coming from the box. And of course -- it’s an adorable little puppy!

Frem seems a little confused for a couple of seconds but then cracks a smile on his face and lets out a happy giggle. Frem has his hands on the edge of the box to use for balance. The new puppy can’t resist and licks him. He gently pulls his hand back and giggles, and the puppy immediately goes to lick the other hand.

The puppy can’t contain its excitement, just like Frem! He whimpers and stands up on the side of the box right in front of Frem. The baby boy continues to laugh with the biggest possible open-mouth smile on his face.

Get ready -- it gets even cuter.

The puppy pounces on Frem while he’s sitting on the floor. The pup keeps going back to lick little Frem’s face while Frem can’t seem to control his laughter. He eventually tips over while his new gift showers him with puppy love.

These two are going to grow up together and be the best of friends. The parents may have gotten Frem a puppy, but he really got a friendship he will never forget.

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