Funny Parrot Will Not Let His Owner Take A Nap

Funny Parrot Will Not Let His Owner Take A Nap

This funny parrot will not let his owner take a nap! It’s adorable!

Pluto the parrot is a high-maintenance bird! He seems to be all over the place while his poor owner is just trying to get a few minutes of rest.

Since Pluto seems to always get in the way of her naps, his owner decided to set up a camera to catch the naughty bird in the act. And this video shows it all.

The owner lays down next to some cardboard and toys for Pluto, but that’s not enough entertainment for him.

First, Pluto walks back and forth in front of his owner’s face. How do those feathers not tickle her face?! He then walks up to the camera for a closeup. He probably wants to make sure the video gets his good side! The little guy even starts biting at it!

Pluto then walks back to his owner and starts nibbling and licking her eyebrow. It sounds like there are little kissing noises -- how cute! I’m sure it’d be cuter to her if she wasn’t trying to nap!

He hops on the side of her head and walks around a bit. The Pluto begins rubbing his face on her hair and her ear as if he’s begging for attention. This little birdie has such a big personality!

After realizing his shenanigans are no use and she won’t wake up, he slides off of her head, giving her a lovely bed head hairdo. Pluto is CLEARLY the most important thing in Pluto’s world. But I’m guessing his owner has things to do other than give him attention 24/7!

If you fell in love with little Pluto like I did, you can watch endless Pluto content on his Instagram. He has over 50,000 followers! It’s no surprise that this little guy has his own fan base!

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