Pomeranian Treads Water For 34 Minutes Before Being Rescued By Another Dog

Pomeranian Treads Water For 34 Minutes Before Being Rescued By Another Dog

This poor little Pomeranian treads water for 34 minutes before being rescued by none other than a fellow dog!

Watching the video can be upsetting, but we promise there is a very happy ending.

While dog owners Byron and Melissa Thanarayen were away from their home, their unsuspecting Pomeranian, named Chucky, fell in their pool. When they got back, they wondered why their dogs were wet. Luckily, they were able to check their security cameras for an explanation.

You can see little Chucky taking a stroll along the edge of the pool when something catches his attention. He seemed to begin turning right as if he thought he was rounding the corner. But he turned too soon and realized his mistake too late.

Chucky actually fell in the pool right on the steps but wasn’t able to pop himself back out. He soon drifted away from the steps with his chaotic doggy paddle. The little pooch trod water for a few minutes before his sister, Jessie the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, came running over.

Jessie immediately started trying to get Chucky out of the water. It’s clearly more difficult than it would have been for a human!

For almost 30 more minutes, the K9 siblings struggle together but never give up. Chucky traveled all around the pool while he was treading water! Little Chucky has loads of determination!

HERE IS THE HAPPY ENDING: Jessie is finally able to grab Chucky by his neck scruff and pull him to safety. Jessie immediately starts licking her brother, as if she’s trying to dry him off.

The Thanarayens were endlessly thankful to Jessie, their little hero, and vowed to get a pool cover so they wouldn’t have to worry about this happening again. Thank goodness both Jessie and Chucky are safe!

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