Turtle Island Project: Respect Indigenous Peoples, Nature

Turtle Island Project: Respect for Indigenous Peoples, Environment

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The Turtle Island Project in northern Michigan was founded in July 2007 by two Midwest pastors who believe the future of mankind and world is at a crossroads.

Rev. Dr. Lynn Hubbard and Rev. Dr. George Cairns believe that Christians could learn a lot about nature and the environment by listening to Earth-based cultures like Native Americans, Celts, and other Indigenous peoples.

Rev. Hubbard is a Lutheran pastor, and Rev. Cairns is an ordained United Church of Christ minister.

Both have extensive backgrounds in interfaith and multicultural work.

The Turtle Island Project (TIP), based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, promotes respect for the environment and Native Americans.

Two Midwest pastors created the TIP to foster a national discussion and debate on a wide variety of issues involving the future of the planet and mankind including encouraging Christians to learn how to appreciate nature like Earth-based religions such as American Indians, Celts and other Indigenous peoples.

Turtle Island Project volunteer media advisor Greg Peterson has more on the founders and their goals.

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