Trinity Apple :) 3nity of YAH-WEH

All THE ONE. Three in ONE NAME YHWH. Yahweh, Yeshua, Adonai. I am What I AM. I AM WHO I AM. All under Same NAME. ALL THE GLORY OF GOD. He (Father) give us forgivness in His Son (Christ, Savior, Yeshua - Jesus) and He give us same miracles than 2000 years ago In His Spirit (Holy Spirit of GOD, Holy Ghost) ..

Today is possibilities - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE in His Name. In His 3NITY NATURE. If there is possible be SEA and Land and Human. There is possible be whatever and Happen whatever miracles also today. Like happened 2000 years ago and happened before that.

Remember story of Eliah. Story of Simpsons and Daniel and all those miracles. Everything is possible also today. Because if God created this world then Everything is possible to HIM.

So Pray Him today and ask Him Help. He can save your life and forgive your all sins. He can heal your broken body. Broken legs, arms, everything.

There is nothing that is non possible to God. In this Same NAME! YHWH. YESHUA. YAHWEH. ADONAI. THE LORD is everything possible.

No matter how big or little sinner you are. We all have done wrong and we all need salvation and forgivness in His name. (Check out Romans 3:21-31 and John 3:16-17)

When You Pray Father (Dad, Abba) in the name of The Son (Savior, Christ - Yeshua, Jesus) .. You get miracles and forgivness in His Spirit (Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Spirit of GOD).

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