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Completely Healed! Stage 4 breast cancer! No chemo

While this may be my celebration, not a single day goes by where I do not think of someone if not many who have been so courageous in their battle against cancer. Some who have lost and some who have won. I respect every choice on the weapons, therapies, (whatever you wish to call it) they chose against cancer. When you are thrown on the battlefield, man, woman or child you are forced into a place of courage and you HOPE.

I have battled it twice and know the fear. I know what it feels like to transition from fear to courage and back into fear feeling despair and then to rise up with courage again and again. Now, I sometimes say, Why me? Why am I alive when so many fought as hard as I did, if not harder? It's God's plan, and we live each day giving our best, serving others and loving one another. No day here on earth is promised but we must love one another.

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