Point of Grace - The Climb

From their album "Directions Home", this is a song called "The Climb." I'm not positive about exactly what "the climb" means. I'm pretty sure the original authors and Miley Cyrus did not view it as a Christian song, but I do. The song mainly talks about the struggles we face in life (which Jesus promised us in John 16:33) and how we will always have another mountain to face. But in the end we have our reward: salvation. So I think "the climb" is simply the road of life. For Christians, the end of that road is rewarding. For others, well, there is only uncertainty about "what's waitin' on the other side."

Excellent album, by the way. It's a collection of covers of songs that are favorites of the band members. This one was written by Jessi Alexander and John Mabe.

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