One from the archives. Written back in 1989. It's on my first CD. It's a very simple song, but at that time, I wasn't concerned much with the music....mainly the words.

I am a servant, of...of the Lord
and I am happier, than I've ever been before

The Holy Ghost, guides, guides my path
led by the Lord's, the Lord's rod, rod and staff

Jesus was at one time to me, just Savior
but I've made a decision now, I've made Him my Lord

I am Your servant Lord, and I'll do Your will
the plan you have for my life, I'll gladly fulfill (x2)

Your eyes are on the sparrow therefore
I know You watch over me
one day I'll live You in all Your glory

Your love and Your joy, I'll gladly share
some will receive some won't, some just won't care

1st, 2nd, chorus

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