'Wildfire' Hollis Creek Revival

Wildfire /ˈwīldˌfī(ə)r/
1. A raging, rapidly spreading fire.
2. Any large fire that spreads rapidly and is hard to extinguish.

Leaving home in search of a calling can be the most amazingly terrifying thing one can do. The call is stronger than the desire to remain comfortable and safe. Still the calling is there. So you leave in search of something familiar in an unfamiliar place, all the while asking yourself “is this truly where I’m suppose to be?” Here in your wilderness, night after night pass, the cold weighs you down and the fear begins to overtake you. But this morning you awake and begin to feel the heaviness lift and hope reveal itself in the form of a spark. This spark will eventually turn into a Wildfire, and this fire will billow and light the world around you. Will you start the next Wildfire?

This “Wildfire” is the gospel that will spread throughout the world and can never be extinguished once set in motion.

Missionaries leave their home and their families everyday to carry the gospel to all the ends of the earth. These few are called to do what most are unable to do. Still they are called. Their sacrifice is sometimes unseen and goes unnoticed by those around them. But it doesn’t go unfelt and unwanted. Join us in project Wildfire as we support our missionary families and friends by providing them with support for their journey. Through project Wildfire we can provide for those who provide so much for so many.

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