I want dear Lord - by Kwasizabantu Youth

This song (see lyrics below) was sung by the KSB Youth at the Kwasizabantu Youth Conference on 4 July 2016.
I want dear Lord a heart that’s true and clean

I want, dear Lord, a heart that’s true and clean;
a sunlit heart, with not a cloud between;
a heart like Thine, a heart divine, a heart as white as snow;
on me, dear Lord, a heart like this bestow.

I want, dear Lord, a love that feels for all;
a deep, strong love that answers every call;
a love like Thine, a love divine, a love for high and low;
on me, dear Lord, a love like this bestow.

I want, dear Lord, a soul on fire for Thee;
a soul baptised with heavenly energy,
a willing mind, a ready hand, to do whate’er I know,
to spread Thy light wherever I may go.

I want, dear Lord, a faith that looks to Thee
to cheer the way when naught but clouds I see;
a faith sublime, a faith divine, a faith that will not fail
to trust in Thee and over sin prevail.

I want, dear Lord, a hope steadfast and sure,
a hope that holds to things that will endure;
a hope in heaven, a hope in Thee, a hope that’s bright and clear,
dispelling doubt and conquering every fear.
(George Jackson)

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