My 1993 Baptism in the Jordan River, Israel

It's January 1993, only a few days previously I celebrated my 18th Birthday cruising the Nile River, and in this 60seconds the entire purpose of traveling from the other side of the Planet came to fruition, I became Baptised in Jesus Spirit with flowing living water of the River Jordan, very cold melted snow water, a destination and a journeys start to lead me back home to upload this, my first 60secondvideo to God Tube. Another Destination reached, another Journey Starts.

(On the next day, I returned to add a verse, with a baptism related verse in mind, I went flicking through the gospels to find and in a moment of exhaled breath my eyes connected with this verse and now I'm up to this point, I now see, yes, it is appropriate, His path is Golden Light, traveling very fast, faster than moving your eyes from left to right)

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